Michael McMillian Signing of Lucid at Collector


Michael McMillian, True Blood’s very own Reverend Steve Newlin was signing copies of his comic book “Lucid” issue  number 1 for fans at the comic book store Collector’s Paradise. Also present was the letterer for “Lucid” Shawn DePasquale. It was a lot of fun chatting with Michael about writing Lucid and also his work on True Blood.

I asked if he knew whether or not the Reverend would be back for season 4 and his reply “you know as much as I do”. So it sounds like the actors really don’t have a lot of information yet for season 4. He did let me know that he would be making an appearance in the Season 3 finale!


Here is the information from the publisher of what the new comic book series is about:


Welcome to the world of LUCID, the highly anticipated, action-packed, pop-fantasy, four-issue miniseries that draws inspiration from the spy genre, Arthurian legend and 21st-century folklore! Dark forces are conspiring to prevent humankind from reaching its true potential. Thankfully, as newly appointed “Protector of the Realm,” Agent Matthew Dee uses his skills as a covert spy and Combat Mage to ensure America’s freedom from the grip of evil. In the debut issue: Who is Waylan Gheely, and what forbidden power has he stolen? What ancient evil, banished two millennia ago by Merlin himself, threatens to consume our dimension? What presence lurks in the shadows behind it all? And just who is The Secretary of Secrets?

Written by “True Blood” actor and longtime comics fan Michael McMillian and illustrated by newcomer Anna Wieszczyk, LUCID is Archaia’s first title published in association with Zachary Quinto (“Heroes,” “Star Trek”) and his company, Before the Door Pictures.

The comic books store is a wonderful source for all fans of comic books. Here is the link to their website: I highly recommend a visit for all fans of True Blood and Michale to visit this great store. They also carry the True Blood comic book series.  For fans who live outside of the area their website has contact information and an online store where they may place an order.

The store  Collector’s Paradise is located at: 7131 Winnetka Avenue, Winnetka, CA (photo below courtesy of Collector’s Paradise thanks again!)

Photo Credit: Collector's Paradise

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