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True Blood Season 5 Filming New Fan Photos

Lucky fans got to see some True Blood filming last night. Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer were filming their vampire scenes till the early hours of

via True Blood Season 5 Filming New Fan Photos.

New pix of Alexander Skarsgard in NYC



Images of Alexander Skarsgard taken in NYC during his time there filming his role in “What Maisie Knew”.

via What Maisie Knew.

New Eric Northman Season 4 Photo



True Blood fans have been counting down the days for the new season to start up on June 26, 2011! A new photo has been spotted showing Eric

via New Eric Northman Season 4 Photo.

True Blood Season 4 Main Street Filming



Last week I heard that True Blood was going to be filming on location for episode 4.11. I could not resist the temptation to see some of my favorite

via True Blood Season 4 Main Street Mayhem Musings.

True Blood Fangtastic Portrait Poster



Alexander Skarsgard Italy posted the poster above on their FB page. What a way to start the day! Looks like it might be a promo poster for the AVL. A nice

via True Blood Fangtastic Portrait Poster.

Digging Deeper into True Blood’s Season 4



True Blood fans had a chance to hear the cast give their commentary for the Digging Deeper into season 3. The cast gave their take on some of the key

via Digging Deeper into True Blood’s Season 4.

Sookie Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris shares with fans at the Michigan Theater



Sookie Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris shares with fans at the Michigan Theater.

True Blood Season 4 On Location Filming Fun For Lucky Fans


Photo Credit: ©2011 David


Fan photos from True Blood season 4 filming.

via True Blood Season 4 On Location Filming Fun For Lucky Fans.

Official Straw Dogs Video Trailer With Alexander Skarsgard



True Blood’s  Alexander Skarsgard upcoming film Straw Dogs will be released in the US on 9/15/11. There is an official video trailer for the film. A huge thanks to E from Sony for the video and all the help!

True Blood’s Eric Northman Vamped Up in Season 4


The new True Blood season 4 promo video has caused a huge stir among the fans. Waiting sucks even more now that we have seen some of our favorite blood suckers. Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO Eric opens the door to Moon and Goddess Emporium with a gust of air!

That scene must precede the one we saw in the video “Invitation to the Set”:

Photo Credit: 2011 HBO Invitation to the Set. Eric meeting Marnie!invite051

Yes Eric Northman, Viking Vampire sheriff of area 5 is looking quite fierce entering the Moon and Goddess Emporium but something major happens that makes him look like this:

Photo credit: 2011 HBO Moments video aired 4/25/11moments026]

Yet another look for Eric from the same location. He is still looking strong but looks like he is trying to sweet talk his way  out of a situation perhaps? This screen cap is from the new promo:


In the new promo video released 5/12/11 we see Eric looking “fierce” again at Sookie’s home.  But still not his usual vamped up self.  Yes it is great to hear Eric tell Sookie “not a dream”. Sadly though, I believe this scene is a dream sequence AGAIN! But I still have hope for the season! The softer side of Eric does show again in the promo video (screen cap at end). I think that perhaps Bill is having a “nightmare”.


In the same promo video we see a “softer” Eric speaking with Sookie:


Photo Credit: 2011 Waiting Sucks video 1tbs4wsucks1063The softer vulnerable Eric was first seen in the waiting sucks video 1:

The new promo did show us more of that scene. Loved how Sookie threw that punch! Loved it even more hearing Eric ask WHY?



For full article :via True Blood’s Eric Northman Enters Season 4 Vamped Up.

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