Michael McMillian Interview: A Lucid Conversation


Michael McMillian was recently interviewed by Christian Hoffer of theouthousers.com.  True Blood fans know Michael from his role as Reverend Steve Newlin. Michael is also the writer of Lucid, a miniseries published by Archaia Press and Zachary Quinto’s Before the Door Imprint. For the full interview please visit theouthousers.com. An excerpt is shown below.

OH: How does writing Lucid fit in with your acting schedule?

MM: So far so good! Writing is a great way to come down from acting gigs and a welcome creative outlet when the job front is slow. I’d like to continue doing both for a long time to come.

OH: How long do you plan on writing Lucid?Lucid_003_copy

MM: For as long as they will let me! Fans of LUCIDshould spread the word about the book. We’re depending on readership to make Vol. 2 happen!

OH: Do you have any other upcoming projects you can talk about?

MM: I’m in the middle of scripting the second series of the TRUE BLOOD comic with Marc Andreyko. I am very proud of the book so far. Alan Ball, HBO and IDW have been awesome and very accommodating with what Marc and I have wanted to do. I think fans of the show will be very, very happy and hopefully we’ll attract some comic fans as well!

Lucid #1 and #2 are currently found at a comic book store near you!  Lucid #3 will be out in January.

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