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Interview with Alexander Skarsgard Talking True Blood, Maisie and More


The quick time movie below contains the audio from the phone interview I just conducted with Alexander Skarsgard. I will hopefully edit and transcribe as soon as I can. I did not have a lot of notice for the interview (I put in the request many months ago) . Alex had some free time open up today so I had an hour to prepare.

A huge thanks to all the fans and all those on twitter who sent in questions. I mentioned how we “broke twitter” due to all  the questions and he got a kick out of that. I told him an early Happy Birthday from all the fans and he said thank you very much. We talked about Maisie, True Blood, Melancholia( How  he was going to be at Toronto International Film festival), The Vanguard, The Exit. I tried to sneak in as much as I could. He only had a few minutes but I managed to get 16 minutes! Hope the audio is ok. thanks again and it was a blast hearing how much he appreciates all the fans and how it was great to take a photo with them and give autographs. He feels flattered when he is asked from fans for a photo! (awwwwwwwwww)

Alexander Skarsgard interview 8/24/2011

The link above contains the media where you can listen to the interview. Again I apologize for you all having to listen to my voice LOL. He was conferenced in from NYC so his audio is a little softer than mine. I tried to shut up as much as possible so  you could hear his voice instead. Sounds like the next few episodes of True Blood are going to be fun to watch “Eric”. ( I could not resist asking a few questions on True Blood). Waiting really sucks but in this case the wait was well worth it for the interview!


here is an mp3 of the interview in case you can’t get the file plugin above to work. It is a download file size is 20MB (it is a public link to my shared files).

Sorry for his part of the audio-he was on his cell phone from a filming trailer in NYC , he was connected to his office in California to my Skype so it is a miracle we can hear him at all!! LOL

INTERVIEW Transcript:

Skarsgardfans (B): Hi Alex

Alex:  Hey how are you? I’m good. Enjoying New York City  Filming “What Maisie Knew” , doing lots of press for True Blood, projects, Straw Dogs, Melancholia, it’s a lot but also a lot of fun.

Melancholia-great people, great project

B: How long will you be filming Maisie-6 weeks?

Alex: I’m here till mid to late September

B: then you are going to the Melancholia screening in Toronto for TIFF?

A: yah real excited to be going. Unfortunately when Melancholia (it) was at Cannes in the spring, I was filming True Blood. The big ballroom scene -Tolerance Conference that was filmed in LA at the Biltmore hotel and that was a big sequence. It was the same week Melancholia was at Cannes unfortunately I cold not go. So yes excited about going to Toronto.

B: yes fans are really excited that you will be there

A: oh really, that’s  great!

B: Straw Dogs starts screening on Monday-will you be able to go to any screenings for SD?

A: well I’m still shooting ,in NYC for Maisie , don’t know the deal..I have a big press day on Saturday, but I get the weekends off so I’ll have to see if any of the dates work ..

B: Sounds like you’ll be flying a lot! LOL


B: I know the fans in NYC are having a great time since you always smile and take pix with them and thanks for doing that. You’ve made a lot of fans very happy. One of the questions they wanted to know was are there anytime you’d rather they not approach you, like when you are eating dinner..??

A: No people are so very friendly , nice to me it’s great . The time between I film the show, the movies it really means so much to me that I am very flattered that they want me to sign autographs or take pix with me. 

B: you make them so happy thank again-so if they ask nicely yes you will take pix (PS he took a photo with a fan right after this interview)

A: My pleasure it means a lot to me that they watch the show and go to the films 

B: yes you made so many fans so happy!!

A: oh really laughs..

B: on True Blood-I have to ask-this is a big season for your character Eric-are there any surprises you can tell us?

A: No surprises just.. , it is always fun and I’m happy to play Eric. So different this year, really had fun with the character. Eric is such a rich character, so different this season. Yes the writers have made it fun to film him, so big, goofy, innocent -a part of him that he has always had ..

B: Yes the amnesia that big goofy, innocent Eric-is that a part of him that has always been there?

A: Yeah, Eric has kept that part of him hidden away from the rest of the world. ..At the same time, he is so innocent but still a predator! 

B: not really a different character but a part of the same character…

A: Yah one of the challenges to big, goofy innocent yes still a predator. Same time so innocent , resist being all goofy or funny still Eric there. Thought about how to do this a lot..

OK-my son is in the background at this point telling me there is a Straw Dogs commercial on TV (sorry)

B: That part of Eric-the predator did show also whenever Eric thought Sookie was in danger-Scene with Tara when she grabs the poke you stand between her and Tara to keep Sookie from being hurt-

A: Eric is very territorial! Physically very strong killed a lot of people (in past..)

B: In last week’s episode we see Eric now under Marnie’s control – you are on a mission to kill BIll. (King Bill). We see your character jumping from the balcony running towards the King. Anna/Sookie is screaming Run since something really bad is going to happen.! The show seems to end on big action

A: Exactly, big scene (sequence) shot at the Biltmore Hotel in the spring. Had lots of fun shooting it. 

B: I got to watch some of the filming that happens for next week-outside the “moon and goddess”. Looks like the “spell” has been broken. Are there any “lingering effects”?

A: Yeah, maybe..definitely next few episodes will get answers to questions- what’s going to happen, will it be “old Eric”? , will he go back to “old Eric”. Will he remember his amnesia (what happened during amnesia), Will he remember his time with Sookie. Will he remember what he had with her? Will that still be there? Will the LOVE still be there… (YAHHHH HE SAID LOVE)

B: I saw your filming in character and it was pretty fun to watch you and Kristin. It was “Eric Northman and Vampire Pam”  we were seeing. So different since not the editing or what we see on tv but it was Eric and Pam in front of us and it was cool (thank you!)

A: oh really? lol..It was a lot of fun to film.(there on location)  The last three episodes , yes you get some answers to those questions, whether things are going back to the way they were or if they are going to change.

B: Eric had to bow to the King before the amnesia and then again after the spell was it fun to do something that the old Eric would not really do (the bows were very different).

A: Well the power structure was.Makes it more complex very interesting. When Eric was Bill’s sheriff- he was  not only his sheriff but he was also physically stronger and very much older (than Bill). What makes it was more interesting now as King, he was actually  Eric’s boss. The balance in the power was a little more interesting to see change.

B: What’s up after..(brain fart here) True Blood was renewed for a fifth season-congratulations on that! Any news on what you might be doing for season 5?

A: ahh, not really.  Alan and the writers are kinda breaking the season right now. Planning out  broad strokes right now what’s gonna happen, no scripts (just outlines). don’t know yet what happens.

B: At Comic Con it was mentioned that there would be some of the Eric and Pam back story ahead?

A: Yah…something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time! I love working with Kristin Bauer. She is amazing,interesting character,  beautiful person as well. I just love working with here. I think that is one of my favorite relationships on the show. I just thought it is just a great part on the show. Great person so yah to see how how it all started, how he turns her, show how they meet. How to show the audience (all that..) I think that  Alan and the writers are working  and great timing a flashback scene to show that and hopefully that will be great to see..

B: In last season , season 3 we got to see another side of you two -the scene where you are awaiting your “true death from the AVL” for killing your office and you tell Pam it is time to be a maker-. The way you two work together, it was amazing just to see that because it was an amazing relationship and we got to see another side of it.   So I know it will be funwhat a great scene…

A: Yeah and I love that they are so tough but they had a tender sweet! Definitely That “tough love” , so it’s  beautiful when they have those little moments. And you actually feel how much they care and how much love there is there between the two of them and how the are willing to die for each other!

B: (Yeah together they were really sweet) We got to see Pam do a role reversal when you had amnesia-she had  a role of protector for her maker in this season when you are at Sookie’s house and she made Sookie protect you. You pushed her, You did not know who she was.And she (Pam) had Sookie take care of you. She was afraid something bad was going to happen to you. She thought that the witches, whatever had happened, they were going to hurt you. We got to see Pam maybe take on your role a little bit to protect her maker.

A: Absolutely, even though Eric is very strong, he doesn’t know who he is. Very vulnerable. He needs all the help he could get.

B: It’s been an amazing season, and I know for your character it’s been a great one. You mentioned earlier (in other interview with HBO) your favorite scene, it was the “shower scene”/Forest scene” where the bed is out in the Swedish forest. Was that a lot of fun to do?

A: Oh , it was crazy! It was wonderful. They built that on a sound stage. The Swedish forest, the fake snow, the trees…It was pretty spectacular, fantasic……created a world.

B: It was a lot of fun to see

A Yeah I know it was  a lot of fun and um, they really , I thought it was a fun take on the shower scene in the books.


A: Exactly, a lot of people (involved), thought about it and we felt we couldn’t just copy that (book scene). We did a different take on it. I think it was kinda fun in a weird way.

B: It meant something more on the show because you shared blood for the first time so it’s kinda like you shared this deep blood trip together. Where it was more of a spiritual connection as opposed to in the books. Where it was the first time your characters had had sex for the first time. So on the show, it was more deeper, more symbolic.Yeah but it looked like it was a lot of fun to film.

A:  Oh it really was! We really did. (have a lot of fun filming it..)

B: Tomorrow is your birthday. So Happy early Birthday from fans to you! Do you have any big plans for tomorrow?

A: No, not really. I really don’t celebrate my birthday. Pretty boring yah (usually). Tomorrow I’m working. I might get a dinner with some friends, low key, casual. I usually don’t celebrate my birthday.

B: Yeah I know birthdays stop being fun after a certain age but a lot of the fans kept saying “Make sure you tell him Happy Birthday”. Thanks for supporting the LA Food bank…

A: Oh-thank you! My pleasure! Say Hi to everyone and thank everyone so much!

B: They’ve raised almost $3700 towards the Food Bank here in Los Angeles. So I know they really appreciate it. Thank you for supporting the charities.

A: Aw, thanks

B: You’re fans are so strong, and will do anything to support your causes and that’s been great to help out with them.

You’ve got some other roles that seem to be coming up? The East-it’s a thriller…do you know anything about this yet?

A: Well I’m shooting Maisie until Mid Septmember here. Then I have 2-3 months off from True Blood. I’m looking at a couple different projects to do during the hiatus for the fall. I haven’t signed anything  yet.

B: ok

A: What I’m doing right now is reading through the scripts, get with the directors for potential projects to do an the rest of my hiatus here.

B: Yea I know you stay really busy and we appreciate it. It’s been great for fans to go and see your parts. A lot of them are talking about Straw Dogs. There’s one “The Vanguard” That sounds like one where you’re actually going to get to produce as well right?

A: Exactly. It’s a viking movie and it will be at Universal and I get to produce. It’s just started. We have basically an idea, a concept and are working to script. It’s something I’m really excited about.

B: That’s great. I can’t wait to hear more about that one. It seems like yesterday we were talking about how you were getting ready to film Moomins and Melancholia and other roles and they are already out! …Battleship..Time flies by. Saw you at the (True Blood premiere) party and it was great. Thanks for being so cool with all the fans and I appreciate it and thanks for helping out with the causes.

A: Oh thanks Barbara. An thank you and everyone. I know you do such a great job and work so hard on the site and helping  the fans, everyone know, what I’m doing , where I am. Thank you so much.

B: LOL I appreciate it..I try to behave I promised..I only post the stuff your mom would be cool with picture wise

A: Thank you so much for that.

B: LOL yeah I know people….

A: LOL..yeah I know…laughing..

B: I don’t do the bad stuff….the “Gracious Plenty” all the naughty stuff….

A:…Ok yeah I know..LOL thanks…

B: I appreciate you taking time out from filming sorry about having to push back the time..

A: Ok thank you and have a great day. Say hi to everyone from me!

B: I sure will and Happy Birthday and have fun filming.

A: Thank you!

B: Take Care, by

A: Thank you….bye…



via Our Site interview with Alexander Skarsgard Talking True Blood, Maisie and More.

Interview with Cooper Huckabee “Joe Lee” from True Blood

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Cooper Huckabee who plays Joe Lee Mickens on True Blood. Yes he had a scene that is forever in our minds -the untidy whities scene where he is in his underwear in Season 3. When I met Cooper a few weeks ago I could not help but mention those unmentionables. He was very happy to chat about that unforgetable scene as well as his upcoming ones in season 4 of True Blood. (he does have some great spoilers that hopefully we will chat about again closer to when those episodes air. I did not want him to get into trouble)

Huge thanks to the Facebook fans who helped out with questions! The Bookies Heart True Blood group and theWhat I learned from Watching True Blood fans came up with a great list to work with. I tried not to talk too much (ok if anyone who knows me , they know  how impossible this is). We chatted about what a typical day is like for filming, table reads, ad libbing on set.

Whether or not Joe Lee has any deep dark secrets is still a mystery and yes there was not much of a back story for his story but it was great to hear how well the cast gets along with each other and how it is much like a family. To me part of the fun of the show is how it does not look like are reading a script but rather how the dynamics work and it looks like real life (ok a real life where there are vampires, witches and shifter and fae!)

He mentioned how well trained the dogs were for the dog fighting scenes from season 3. (and how beautiful they all were). He was on set as well when there were wolves but he did not interact with them. He has not had any scenes with the vampires of True Blood. He also worked with “Tara” -Rutina Wesley and remarked how beautiful she was and nice to work with. He complimented his co-stars on how it was like a family as they worked together.

Albeit his character is not the “good guy” on True Blood. I asked if his character had any redeeming qualities or if there was any good in him. He said how a good actor will try and find the thread of humanity in any character they are portraying. But yes Joe Lee was a pretty rough character and did have a lot of dysfunctional family issues to deal with this season. It does sound like there will be a family “reunion” for Tommy Mickens when his mom seeks him out in episode 4.04. It will be very interesting to see if the passage of time has done any healing for the Mickens.

The audio file from the telephone interview is too large for me to attach to this post so I have it uploaded to an online file and it will download a quick time movie. I am still trying to transcribe and hopefully compress the file size but here it is in the mean time.

It was a lot of fun to chat with Mr. Huckabee and he truly does appreciate all the True Blood fans who help make his job possible. he was very kind to allow this interview and was such a nice person to meet. Yes we can blame his character for all our undewear scrubbing duties we all hold. He even mentioned how he even does not want to look like Joe Lee with the nasty drawers. It was fun to hear how he had to basically try out 3 types of underwear and Alan Ball selected the nasty ones for the scene. (LOL can you imagine the wardrobe session for that one! )

His filmography is quite extensive and has a few projects coming up for fans to see. He has been in a lot of different types of films but really does not have a preference as to genre. He does genuinely seem to enjoy his craft and it showed when speaking to him. When they are available I’ll post here.

Season 4 does sound like it will have a lot of action once again for fans and yes there are a few spoilers that I’m holding onto until closer to when the action airs. Truly don’t wish to ruin the action and all the hard work that the cast and crew has done for us fans. Thanks again to Cooper and his manager for helping out with the interview!

Note the link to the interview is on the link-when you click on the link the download will automatically start.  Just wanted to let you know. here is the link to the interview: file size is around 10MB. Enjoy~

Inside ‘True Blood’’s Fourth Season Interview with Alan Ball

Alan Ball was interviewed by Jace Lacob from the Daily Beast.  Ball revealed True Blood Season 4 it’s a real love story!

About Season 3:

For his part, Ball doesn’t look back once a chapter comes to an end. “Honestly, at this point, I don’t even remember Season 3,” he said. “I’m not a big postmortem guy. Maybe that’s just a way of avoiding even my own criticism, but there’s so much to be done now, so I just move on.”

Vampires vs. Witches:

“For the first time, our vampires are facing a real enemy who is not another [more powerful] vampire,” Ball said of Season 4’s Big Bad, related to the coven of witches at the center of the storyline. “For the first time, our vampires have had their weapons taken away from them. There’s a really funny moment later in the season where they have to resort to conventional weapons because their powers are very effectively taken from them…

More Love!

The season may be a little touch more romantic than other seasons have been… It’s a real love story.”

About fans expectations:

“Once you start paying too much attention to that stuff, then it all becomes about your perception of what other people’s perceptions of the show are,” said Ball, who doesn’t visit Internet boards to see what fans are talking about and will never join Twitter. “I don’t want to create a direct line between myself and fans of the show and start feeling like I have to satisfy this particular desire or need of these people, because then it’s not writing, it’s marketing.”

Happiness in True Blood:

“I have a rule of thumb,” said Ball. “Once people come together and they’re happy, they get one episode of happiness before we blow it all to hell.”

Inside ‘True Blood’’s Fourth Season-An interview with Alan Ball.

Evan Rachel Wood Nobody’s Baby – LA Times Magazine

Evan Rachel Wood was recently interviewd by LA Times magazine. An excerpt of the interview is below:



At 23, Evan Rachel Wood has skirted most of the career checkpoints expected of Hollywood’s pretty young things: the treacly coming-of-age rom-com, the OMG-so-cutehandbag line, the Auto-Tuned vanity album.

Alas, some pigeonholes are tighter than others. “‘You’re such a bayyyyyybeee,’” Wood says, reciting the vaguely dismissive label she hears after nearly two decades in front of a camera. “I still get that a lot. But I’ve been working since I was five! I’ve seen things and lived 50 lifetimes already.”

Wood’s frustrations are as ancient as she is young. Hollywood just hates its ingenues to grow up. Mary Pickford was still pouting in ringlets at 29. Judy Garland was ordered to tape down her breasts for The Wizard of Oz. And despite being old enough to buy booze,High School Musical survivor Vanessa Hudgens continues to toil in the ghetto of tweendom.

Yet even before she mastered her multiplication tables, Wood was defying Hollywood expectations. Her big-screen debut came at nine, as the runaway daughter of an alcoholic mom in Digging to China. She landed a slew of noms for 2003’s Thirteen, channeling a gamine who huffs aerosol, shoplifts, pleasures teenage boys and, tying the bow on at-risk behavior, cuts herself. Two years later, she starred in Pretty Persuasion, packing tinderbox sexuality and Mamet-level scheming into a salmon pink school uniform. And in 2008, as Mickey Rourke’s estranged daughter in The Wrestler, she went off on daddy big time, delivering a kiss-off tirade as bruising as any pile driver.

Evan Rachel Wood Nobody’s Baby – LA Times Magazine.

Michael McMillian Interview: A Lucid Conversation


Michael McMillian was recently interviewed by Christian Hoffer of  True Blood fans know Michael from his role as Reverend Steve Newlin. Michael is also the writer of Lucid, a miniseries published by Archaia Press and Zachary Quinto’s Before the Door Imprint. For the full interview please visit An excerpt is shown below.

OH: How does writing Lucid fit in with your acting schedule?

MM: So far so good! Writing is a great way to come down from acting gigs and a welcome creative outlet when the job front is slow. I’d like to continue doing both for a long time to come.

OH: How long do you plan on writing Lucid?Lucid_003_copy

MM: For as long as they will let me! Fans of LUCIDshould spread the word about the book. We’re depending on readership to make Vol. 2 happen!

OH: Do you have any other upcoming projects you can talk about?

MM: I’m in the middle of scripting the second series of the TRUE BLOOD comic with Marc Andreyko. I am very proud of the book so far. Alan Ball, HBO and IDW have been awesome and very accommodating with what Marc and I have wanted to do. I think fans of the show will be very, very happy and hopefully we’ll attract some comic fans as well!

Lucid #1 and #2 are currently found at a comic book store near you!  Lucid #3 will be out in January.

GQ German Magazine interview of Alexander Skarsgard

GQ German Magazine interview of Alexander Skarsgard.

Guardian UK Interview of Alexander Skarsgard

Guardian UK Interview of Alexander Skarsgard.

The Man Behind the Music of True Blood

Gary Calamar At a True Blood concert hosted by KCRW

Brandon Kim of recently had the opportunity to interview Gary Calamar the music supervisor for HBO’s True Blood. Gary was also behind the music of “Six Feet Under” , “Men of a Certain Age”, and “House, M.D.” What some fans may not know is that Gary Calamar is also a working dj and has had a regular night-time show for KCRW for 13 years.  Below is an excerpt from the interview with Mr. Calamar:

What is the sound of Bon Temps?

It’s got a few different sounds. I mean, it’s got the sound of Merlotte’s, which is a little bit more, upbeat bar music, rockabilly, southern Rock. And then in the first season we had some music for Sookie playing at her house, which was like the Watson Twins covering The Cure and stuff like that. But, yeah, all of it has sort of a dark undercurrent to it like a lot of New Orleans blues seems to have. Those classics Slim Harpo, Willie Dixon, and Howlin’ Wolf. Those are what really kind of speak to me as the sound of Bon Temps.

I heard [series creator] Alan Ball say a rule of his was to “Never use opera music” in a vampire show, one of the things he decided early on along with not giving them cheesy contact lenses…

I don’t remember Alan actually saying that to me. But I think his goal was to have a non-traditional kind of sound to the show. And not use, you know, sort of overly dramatic types of music that have been used in vampire series in the past, or movies in the past.

Which is made clear right away with the theme, Jace Everett’s “Bad Things.” It sets the tone brilliantly for the show.

Yeah, we got lucky with that. Alan actually found that.

I heard it was first just a placeholder – how did you decide on keeping it?

It was just a placeholder. Yeah, you know, Alan’s method of writing is when he’s on his computer he’ll write for a while and then he’ll take an iTunes break. 100 dollars later he’ll come back and finish up the script [laughter]. But apparently that song, “Bad Things” by Jace Everett, was like the single of the week on iTunes. We all liked it but we all kind of thought that we would eventually find the one. But the more we placed other songs against it we realized that it actually was the one. It was perfect and it had just that right combination of menace, romance, sexiness, and humor to it.

for the full interview please click here

Creatively speaking, where do you draw from other than the script itself, do you have a wall of records you talk to or how do you generate your ideas?

Yes. Sometimes I actually do that. My last resort, I just stand next to the wall of music and just sort of close my eyes and hope for a miracle. But, yeah after I read the script and we see a rough cut, different scenes just kind of reach out and kind of call out for different types of music. You know, a fight going on at Merlotte’s or if there’s some sort of party at Lafayette’s or whatever it happens to be. I have that idea of what the overall sound of “True Blood” is so I… find the right songs. Then I’ll play them for Alan Ball and he’ll kind of make the final decision of what he thinks works. And then the next step for me is actually clearing them, and getting the license and negotiating the deal and all that.

Right, the glamorous part?

Yeah, it’s not that bad but I guess you could say it’s less glamorous, but definitely a huge part of the job.

I suppose your other job, DJ’ing at KCRW must help with your approach to finding the right songs.

Yeah, I’ve been at the station for a good, not quite 15 years yet, but probably 13 years or so. I’m always listening for new music to play on the show. The big difference between the radio show and the TV work is that I don’t have to work by committee on the radio show. I’m the DJ, I can play what I want and suffer or get praised by that. With a TV show it’s much more of a collaboration and the song that I might think is perfect may get shot down and vice versa. But yeah KCRW is an amazing thing for me to have been doing all this time. On “Six Feet Under” there was a song that got a lot of attention by Sia called “Breathe Me,” the final song on the final episode. That was actually a song that I had been playing on KCRW for a good 6 months before we used it in “Six Feet Under.”

Part Two of interview may be found here

Alan Ball Interview

Alan Ball Interview.

Alan Ball Interview

New interview of Alan Ball by Abbie Bernstein-Buzzy Multimedia

Alan Ball Interview, Creator of HBOs True Blood Series

via Alan Ball Interview.

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