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True Blood Season 5 Episode Summaries First 3 Episodes

True Blood episode summaries surfaced today for episode 5.01, 5.02 and 5.03. The fifth season is set to premiere on 6/10/12 SPOILERS:

– Episode #49: “Turn! Turn! Turn!”: Sookie and Lafayette clean up the Tara and Debbie Pelt mess; Bill and Eric are visited by the Vampire Authority; Sam and Alcide deal with an angry werewolf pack. (Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Daniel Minahan) (TV-MA) [AC, AL, V, N] ESP Playdates: 10, 13, 14 and 16

– Episode #50: “Authority Always Wins”: Tara resurfaces in Bon Temps; Pam recalls her human life and first encounter with Eric; Bill and Eric meet Salome at the Vampire Authority headquarters. (Written by Mark Hudis; directed by Michael Lehmann.) (TV-MA) [AC, AL, V, N] ESP Playdates: 17, 20, 21 and 23

– Episode #51: “Whatever I Am, You Made Me”: Bill and Eric barter for their lives with Roman, the head of the Authority; Jason reunites with his old high school teacher; Sookie searches for Tara. (Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by David Petrarca.) (TV-MA) [AC, AL, V, N] ESP Playdates: 24, 27, 28 and 30

True Blood Season 5 Episode Summaries 5×01-5×03.

True Blood Season 5 Casting Call 5X04 We’ll Meet Again

Casting call for season 5 of True Blood episode 5.04

True Blood Season 5 Casting Call 5X04 We’ll Meet Again.

True Blood Season 5 Casting Call Episode 5×02



A new casting call and yes finally a better episode name for episode 5.02 Authority Always Wins. A huge thanks to M from the Bookies FB

via True Blood Season 5 Casting Call Episode 5×02 Authority Always Wins.

True Blood Episode Summary 5×01 Turn, Turn Turn



The episode summary and casting call  updates for True Bloods episode 5×01 Turn Turn Turn dated October 26, 2011.

via True Blood Casting Call Episode 5×01 Turn, Turn Turn.

Holiday Scarf Charity Drive 2011

Seasons Greetings…

As the holiday season falls upon us, we’re often reminded of how lucky we are, how little others have and wish there was something more we could do to help those in need.
We at ASN.comSkarsgå and Skarsgå didn’t want the season to pass us by without taking this opportunity to help. We presented our fund-raising idea to Alexander, who of course quickly approved.

Last year we took on Caps For Good which was sponsored by the Save the Children Foundation. Together, once again proving Alexander’s fans are a force to be reckoned with, we were able to not only raise some funds to help the cause, we created nearly 200 caps for premature infants in developing countries.

The holidays can be a magical experience…those with families and loved ones to share the memories with, but not everyone is so fortunate. Women and children of domestic violence are in that category….

Did you know that every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten. Studies suggest that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually and those children are twice as likely to abuse their own wives than sons of nonviolent parents. The sad thing is…based on reports from 10 countries, between 55 percent and 95 percent of women who had been physically abused by their partners had never contacted non-governmental organizations, shelters, or the police for help. Many feel they don’t have the means to walk away, they don’t know how or they’re just too afraid to take those steps in order to better their lives….the lives of their little ones.

That’s why, this year, we’ve decided to go with an endeavor which aides in comforting victims of abuse…
Handmade Especially For You…

Handmade Especially For You wants every woman who comes into a shelter to receive a comfort scarf simply because she was brave enough to leave her abusive situation. We do not see comfort scarves as rewards or incentives for good behavior in the shelter or for following rules or anything other than “congratulations” for leaving abuse. Leaving an abusive environment is a huge step for the woman who takes it.

Handmade wants to make an impact on the women who receive the scarves, most of whom have never received a personal gift, much less a handmade personal gift. We want receiving these scarves to help lift their self-esteem and help them to begin changing their lives. We hope the scarves are a symbol of every woman’s transformation.

The scarves are not for sale. They are gifts, which we give from our hearts.

So together, with your help, we hope to do whatever we can to show those brave women just how proud of them we really are. A scarf isn’t much, but it’s a start. A symbol letting them know they really can piece their lives back together….a little at a time.

This site charity event will cover the seasonal holidays along with Alexander’s Name Day celebration on December 12th.

Handmade Especially For You has a goal. In 2011, they want to reach all of the shelters in Southern California…that’s 15,000 scarves. They’re almost there…all they need is 2,000 more!!! Let’s help them make this happen!!

Participate by Making a Scarf:

We realize that, not only are we in a recession, but it is the holiday season and money can be tight. So, for those crafty fans out there who may not be able to afford a monetary donation at this time, we are also encouraging those that can, to knit or crochet scarves for these brave ladies. It’s something that is so simple, but can truly make a difference.


We’ll start today and call the deadline Dec. 29th, 2011 midnight CST.

This will give Jenna time to pack and overnight the scarves to the charity before the deadline!

Here are the specs for making scarves:

- Big needles (size 15 or 17) or big hooks (K, N, P)
- Soft yarn (for comfort)
- Happy color
- At least 4 inches wide but no more than 5 inches wide
- At least 60 inches long
- Open stitch (for distribution in a warm climate)
- Some decoration like fun fur or ribbon to individualize each scarf and make it a personal gift for the recipient

Follow these links if you need help with a pattern and/or to print up a gift tag to add to your scarf


(drop down)



There is an address on their site where you can send the finished scarves, but we have decided to gather all of the scarves crafted by Alexander’s fans together so we will know how many were created and photograph them to send to the charity and to the Tall One. When your scarf(s) are complete, please send them to the following address where they will all be photographed then shipped to Handmade Especially For You.

Please send all completed scarves to…

P.O. Box 370876
Milwaukee, WI 53237-1976


Since we’re in the spirit of giving…one random SCARF DONOR will be chosen to receive a signed 8×10 of Alexander.

Scarf must be sent to the PO Box and be in Jenna’s hands before the deadline.



So we ask that if you consider donating this season…
Please consider helping out victims of abuse and their little “teacup humans”…

To donate…please use the PayPal button below…

 Donate to Handmade Especially For You!


Handmade Especially For You is a 501(3)(c) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization (EIN: 26-3529292)
and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Seasons Greetings from Skarsgå, AlexSkarsgå, SkarsgårdFans.Com and Alexander Skarsgård!


True Blood’s Todd Lowe in New Play, “Day Drinkers”

Good news, Truebies! has a  special discount tickets to see True Blood’s Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur) in a new comedic play, Day Drinkers! for more info please click on the link below to jump to their site!

via True Blood’s Todd Lowe in New Play, “Day Drinkers”.

Scream Awards 2011 Time to Vote for Alexander Skarsgard





Time to vote for the scream awards! Link below has information and links to Spike TV .

Scream Awards 2011 Time to Vote for Alexander Skarsgard.

Help Celebrate Alexander Skarsgard’s Birthday

On average the Tall One gets between 1200 and 1800 cards from his loyal, loving fans on his birthday. (His birthday is August 25th) While it is true Alex loves his fans, would you have time to look at 1800 cards in one week…one month…ever? and WHAT would you do with 1800 cards? There is quite honestly no way to keep them so we end up with 1800 cards and envelopes in the trash, in the landfill and a huge Alex carbon footprint.

Lets think for a minute about how much money is spent on those 1800 cards. If we just say that each card costs $5.00 then we are talking $9000, but postage and handling bring that total closer to $10,000. $10,000 being dumped in to a landfill where it will cost countless thousands of dollars more to shred, mutilate and bury … and wait for decomposition. Knowing Alex fans, I suspect we aren’t buying the low dollar, bargain cards either so the total spent on greeting cards for his upcoming birthday will probably top $15,000.

We think of Alex as first and foremost a humanitarian (as well as just a dorky guy). So, for the third year in a row we contacted the Tall One and said…what would you like us to do this year. Once again he told us how happy he was with everything he has. He doesn’t need cards and gifts…he has you guys!!! He would prefer you to show your love for him in a different way. So, instead of putting all that hard-earned money into something that will only end up in a landfill why not use it to help put food on someone’s table.

This year’s Alexander Skarsgard Birthday Charity is the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. We are all aware that with the status of the economy tens of thousands of people across the country have either lost their jobs completely or have seen their hours cut back. While thousands of people look to places such as the food bank for assistance, the food bank has also suffered decreases in their donations. This year we ask only that you donate what you would have spent on a card and help us help those who need us most. If you can donate more, we are sure the food bank can put all donations to good use. As most of our followers know, we love doing our best for charity. Putting food on someone’s table, helping nourish and sustain a family for at least one meal, is a wonderful gift.

As an added bonus, we (meaning Jenna) will take everyone’s name who donates and sign it on one HUGE card that we will ship to Alex for his Birthday. We can guarantee that he will see that card and it will be something he can stand in his bedroom and know that his fans not only love him, but that his fans do good things in his name.

Now for the rules: We have a team page set up on the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank website for credit card payments. Payments made here go DIRECTLY to the food bank and the site will tally all the donations so we can keep track of how we are doing. For international donors and those who prefer a Paypal option, please click on the DONATE button at the bottom of this post.

IMPORTANT: Paypal donors will need to put “Alexander Skarsgard Birthday” in the comments section so we can add those to the total manually. There is a drop down + sign that says “is this gift in honor/tribute of someone”. Paypal donors must click on that and enter “Alexander Skarsgard Birthday” . (screencap image below)

Ok Skarsfam, lets hit our goal of $20,000, save some trees, reduce Alex’s carbon footprint, give HQ a mailroom break and raise some money!!!

To make a donation via paypal please click on the donate button below:To make a donation directly using credit card click link  here: 


True Blood Vamp Season in the Sun Episode Recap



True Blood episode recap for 4.07 Cold Grey Light of Dawn. Screencap images of Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhosue and cast.

via True Blood Vamp Season in the Sun Episode Recap.

True Blood Casting Call Season 5


Looks like they might be planning ahead for True Blood’s season 5. Found a casting call on line:

TRUE BLOOD: New series regular

Start Date: Mid-November

Location: LA

[New Female Vampire] 19-30′s A dangerous female seductress. Must be smoking hot! Nudity required.

Hmm I wonder who this will be and whether or not Pam will approve of her. Perhaps a new love interest for her? Waiting SUCKS!


via True Blood Casting Call Season 5.

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