10/17/10 True Blood Panel


Jim Parrack and Kristin Bauer were in attendance at the Weekend Of Horrors held in Burbank, CA 10/17/10. The panel was moderated by Mike V and he did an amazing job asking the pair a lot of questions concerning their roles on True Blood. Jim and Kristin have not yet appeared in any scenes together on True Blood (their characters-Hoyt and Pam ). It was great to see them on stage and were very appreciative of their fans.


In addition there was a special opportunity for the fans who purchased a ticket for the Cocktail Party with Jim and Kristin held also on the same day. The image below is from the cocktail party. It was amazing to hear Jim speak about how he prepares for his role as an actor. He is a method actor and the result is one that makes me as a fan not realize that he is acting. It truly comes from his heart and the energy created during his scenes with Deborah Woll (who plays Vampire Jessica) were some of the best ones to watch.

Kristin Bauer also spoke of her part on the show playing the sarcastic and sexy Pam. She mentioned how working with Alexander Skarsgard and Natasha Alam have been a lot of fun this year. The very first episode of Season 3 had Alex and Natasha appearing without clothing. She also showed off her new tattoo (which is in progress)


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  • nichole aguilar:

    i was there i as the girl jim was talking to when he said fan encounter, do u have a video of the panel?

    • admin:

      I only took photos at the panel since it said that no videos were allowed. It did look like the panel was taped by the promotor. I’ll see if I can find any info. Keep fingers crossed. I know I would love to get a video of the panel. It was a lot of fun!

      • i only took photos to and i really wanted to have jim talking to be from the panel.
        i facebook creation’s facebook but idk if they got back to me yet. if you do find anything! please send it my way.

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